Oxygen is the only nutrient necessary for every cell in the Body and our atmosphere has 30% less than 50 years ago. Take just a few drops a day and make a difference. Great for constipation. Oxy-Gen 1 will get you going in more ways than one.

Oxy-Gen1 is a liquid concentrate of stabilized Oxygen electrolytes that are available for your body in a molecular form. Electrolytes of stabilized Oxygen release when this molecular form comes in contact with stomach acids. Your blood can absorb this stabilized Oxygen from your digestive system, just like it absorbs other nutrients as they move through.

Creating an increase in Oxygen levels in your body. Low Oxygen levels create an acidic environment. Anaerobic Bacteria, Viruses and Yeast thrive when your Oxygen levels are low and your body is acidic. Alkaline, oxygen-rich environments discourage Anaerobic Bacteria, Viruses, and Yeast from thriving. Discourage their growth and reproduction by increasing your Oxygen levels and alkalinity.



Stabilized Oxygen Electrolytes

Purified Water

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Weight .331 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 5.5 in


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